About Us

When you have friends with X Ray equipment sometimes strange ideas create cool stuff. I'm a DIY guy with a lot of hobbies. After seeing how the first X Rays of the guns went I wanted to X Ray everything! This site is where I plan to put the mechanical perceptions of my hobbies! There have been several steps through this process. The X Ray machine can only view a small area so after getting the film from the X Ray machine I have to get the film digitized. Then I have to photo shop the images together. Finally I get to arrange the images into a piece I can display!

Firearms were the first guinea pig project. From family fun, hunting, and military service it was my go to to start off my project. After going through the process of getting a digital image the biggest challenge I had was how to display the image. When I found the aluminum printing options I was blown away with the durability and detail I could see in the final product. This was the motivation to share the project and the new obsession of x raying my hobbies with other like minded people.

I hope you enjoy these random projects!