Ruger LCP .380

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This image is life size, 1:1 ratio in the 5"x7" and 2:1 ratio in the 10"x14" image.  This real X-Ray of the Ruger LCP .380 shows great detail the pieces that make up this piece!  This LCP has a laser dot grip installed too!  Perfect pocket pistol and now you can see the mechanical perception!

This is a great conversation piece in my office!

This image is printed on glossy aluminum and the details pop off the print. I can't call it 3D but I lose myself in the details so it feels close to it! The image includes leveling and mounting hardware. The image is very durable and can be displayed outdoors in the sun and weather. You clean it with windex!

This product is a product of the United States of America! We have used the talents, skills, and passions of American Entrepreneurs across our country to bring you this impressive piece of art!